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A labyrinth is a place constructed of or full of intricate passageways and blind alleys.

From Wikipedia: A labyrinth can be represented both symbolically and/or physically. Symbolically it is represented in art or designs on pottery, as body art, etched on walls of caves, etc. Physical representations are common throughout the world, and are generally constructed on the ground so they may be walked along from entry point to center and back again. They have historically been used in both group ritual and for private meditation.

Research has found focused walking meditations are highly efficient at reducing anxiety and eliciting what Dr. Herbert Benson calls the ‘relaxation response’.

For Your Meditative Use...

Labyrinths have been recognized for centuries as paths for meditation, prayer, contemplation, and to assist in aligning your heart and soul to the Divine.

The above finger labyrinth is for your private meditation.

Use either your finger or your mouse arrow.

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