In The Now

 Dear People:

The  time of travail and challenges on earth are truly in full  swing--darkness is beginning to lose hold within and around us for those  who consider themselves of "service to others".  For those that are of  the "service to self" will continue to get darker and there will be a  greater split of humanity.

Although  many people still struggle, and are tested, mankind's inner strength  and faith abound.  You will be given all you really need when you really  need it; you might not have what you want but you will have what you  truly need.

VERY IMPORTANT TO NOTE and to contemplate regularly:
Whenever you are in  doubt about what to do or how to handle a situation, first disconnect  and redirect your attention to the things you would like to experience  and create, rather than the things that you want to stop or oppose.  Anytime you engage with any negativity, you bind yourself to conflict  and you cannot experience peace and harmony in your life while you are  fighting against someone else's choice. Allow yourself the freedom of  disengaging and allow others to learn from their choices. Because if a  person will not learn from his friends, then he must by his choice learn  from his enemies. One either learns from the Light or learns from  darkness--it is our choice.

Be assured there is more of the Light of God in greater measure than  ever before and it will continue to grow. Though there are some very  challenging days, there are also plateaus where we can rest and recover  before the next ascension of energy.  The reason for so much frustration  and anxiety is due to the fact that there IS so much more of the Light  of God coming into our world at this time (and it is accelerating) which  causes bumps in our lives as it pushes the darkness out, and we are in a  deep process of renewal and resurrection.  We are in The Great  Transition and it is that very Light that challenges the darkness within  and around us, and that which is not healed and whole is brought out  into the Light for our healing and attention. If there are times when  you find yourself in pain and crying and don't know the reason, do not  try to figure it out...just let it up and release it and like the storm  that rains itself out, the sun always comes out afterwards. You will  come into balance with yourself and your life as you feel what you are  feeling and allow yourself to let it go and release. Let it flow through  you and let go and let God. 

Things you experience during this time are meant for you to observe, experience, and release  without judgement or trying to figure it out.  Become the observer of  all that passes through your life and recognize that all that happens is  not all about you solely.

Be sure to make time at BOTH the beginning and again at the end of your day,  before you even leave your bed and when you return to your bed at  night.  First, be still and go within and connect to your Highest Self,  your concept of God in whatever way you normally do as The Universe,  Source, Holy Spirit, Great Spirit, The All That Is...and focus on your  Heart, see the shining Sun of the Light of all Universes expand and grow  and envelop you in it's brilliant white light, then realize FROM YOUR  HEART with clear INTENT to bring in and through you MORE OF THE LIGHT OF  GOD (Love) INTO ALL AREAS OF YOUR LIFE, NOW.  Give thanks for the Light  of God and acknowledge it as your only Source, that you are Protected,  Illumined, Supplied, Sustained at all times and Bless the Light.

All you are, all you have, and all you do is with the Light of God  (Love) that flows through you and out into the world from your heart,  hands and mind with every breath, and with every step of your life each  day.

You truly are born of the Light of God, the Only Source of All that Is.


May you be more aware 

of the Goodness and Love that you are

and the opportunities to share it all.

Blessings to You and Yours, 

Rev. Paty 

As a minister of God, Love is my religion 

in a church without walls!

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