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About ACWW

Spiritual Food for Thought

Every religion is a form of Spiritual practice, not just doctrinal beliefs, but something meaningful in ritual, experience and introspection through which we speak to God with Love as the only language.


is a transdenominational, universal, virtual 24/7/365 church. It’s a space for you to visit as often as you wish to support your Spiritual walk and practices. 

As a transdenominational (meaning beyond denomination) church, it is one that puts its focus only on God, the Presence, the All that Is, Christ Consciousness and on His word from all spiritual teachings and literature, and His will as revealed through the Holy Spirit, the direct connection to all sentient beings 

as Love which is God.

This ministry is...


  • Committed to sharing the good news of the immanence of God within each heart and  there is no need for a mediator--you are already directly connected to the Godhead.
  • Considered interfaith, and especially for those that define themselves as spiritual but not religious.    
  • Based on the truth that Love is the foundation of all religions which causes us to cherish our common humanity and is the guiding principle in developing a strong, rich spiritual life while acting as responsible stewards of our earthly home.

Since no formal worship services exist here, my work consists in supporting  you as the "temple of the living God" in the worship which you maintain in your heart-centered daily meditations, rituals and dialogue with God  (Abwoon in Aramaic).  There is no hierarchy recognized or utilized here. I am no different than anyone else as we are all brothers and sisters in God's Divine Light alongside one like our greater brother,  Jesus (Yeshua in Aramaic). 

When your life is turned over to and committed to following Spirit, it  becomes as a “prayer without ceasing” and a constant communion and  mindfulness of the immanence of God. The presence of God, the Kingdom of Heaven, is within each and everyone and everything.  All things that live have the God-spark within and that includes all animals, plant and  mineral life including the very ground you walk on.  We all have the energy of God's love within us and therefore we are all connected, all one with, through, and as God, for in truth, there is only God.

 From a foundation rooted in scripture and ancient translated texts, I  see all of life is "grist for the mill" in practicing the Presence as  applied spirituality.  Applied spirituality is a life lived with sincerity in heart-centered worship, prayer, acts of charity and other good works, and meditation in order to express that faith (that I call Love) with congruency, honesty, and humility.

 In this website is information about services, recommended reading,  informative text, and even a finger labyrinth available as a tool for  your meditative practice.  I offer messages and insights for you as food for thought and for you to discern it's value.  As much as possible, these writings are not attached to any religious dogma.  All my information is based  on the fact that you are Love incarnate and have within you the power to  transform and elevate your life and the lives of others. 

Hopefully, you will find a sense of loving support, and the  knowledge that it is my sincere desire that you be nurtured in your faith here as you continue your work of inner growth and developing spiritual strength.

A Blessing


May you be more aware of the Goodness and Love that you are

and the opportunities to share it all.

Blessings to You and Yours, 

Rev. Paty 

As a minister of God, Love is my religion 

in a church without walls!


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