Love is my Religion.
*Jesus did not intend to found an organized church or religion, but rather to demonstrate for us all a personal practice and path empowering everyone through personal knowledge and experience of a direct relationship with the One Source, our Creator.  In other words, he wanted everyone to reach the same unity with God that he had reached.

*If you are constantly busy or always occupy your mind/consciousness with work, television, music, noise and conversation or mindless chatter, how can you hear and discern the voice of God?  Only in practicing silence can you hope to ever hear and feel, "the still small voice".  Mankind was created to be led by the Holy Spirit for a "beside still waters", peaceful existence.

*Enlightenment is not liberation from the world.  Enlightenment is a transcendent state of being which is primarily experienced as profound freedom from narcissistic self-concern.  This state of being then creates a much deeper engagement with all of life, the great invisible reality that underlies all that is.  From there begins the personal relationship with our God--the inner process of alignment, connection with, and direction from the Creator.  In this state of being, you know and live the truth of what Yeshua said, "I and the Father are One."

*It is impossible to live and die without God, and it is possible not to know this.  No matter where you are, what you do, or how you live or die, God is with you.  Actually, God is all there is!  As Carl Jung once said, "Bidden or not bidden, God is present."

*Prayer is willful, conscious intent...and so is the desire to please God.  So, be ever mindful of your intent.

*If your conduct in the world is totally unaffected by your inner alignment with God (your worship in the holy place, your heart), then worship is only an empty form with no substance and you cannot hope to experience heaven on earth, nor God's hand in your life.

*The "fall" of Adam and Eve occurred when once perfect, clear reflections, sons of the Father/Mother/Creator, became sons of man by identification with the separateness of ourselves from Creator and identification of ourselves with our physical body.  People began to live in the forgetfulness of our connection and origin in Spirit with our Heavenly Creator.  The eating of the fruit of the "Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil" was the beginning of Adam and Eve's (our collective consciousness):
  • Believing that we could be separate from God and
  • Believing in duality which reinforces a sense of separateness thus two opposing principles.

*Heaven is an inner state of being, a condition, not a place.  Know that you are God's love within your life and act from that state of being.

*"I, the Lord, am your God.  You shall not have other gods besides me."
This means ANYTHING other than Love (such as fear, anger, lust, hate, etc.) is a false "god"; therefore anything other than Love is replacing God--that includes uncontrolled negative feelings, emotions and thoughts.

*We are ever only in one of two states of mind (consciousness)--that of Love or that of fear.  Which one are you consistently choosing?  Are you truly conscious of your choices every moment of every day?  That choice is also your willful, conscious intent and is therefore a "prayer" to God.

*The Christ of scripture is a pattern of salvation and not a man separate from yourself. 

*We are here on Earth learning how to live divinely in a human world and transform this world into our Heaven.

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